Vista aerea Prisma S.r.l. is a Prisma S.r.l. brand, a leading company in Italy in the design, production and marketing of items for furnishing shops and shop windows.

Prisma S.r.l. has over 50 years of activity in the Italian and European market. Thanks to its experience and to the large variety of products, covers any need of a clothing shop: from large-scale distribution, to clothing, footwear, leather goods, sporting goods stores, to private customers and the furnishing of their home wardrobes, with products and services that are difficult to find in traditional stores.

Prisma S.r.l. has always designed, produced and marketed its products directly, with great attention to the quality of design and materials.

Thanks to continuous research and development, has always paid attention to market changes and technological evolution, while maintaining the values of the Italian artisan tradition, to guarantee the perfect balance between quality and efficiency, value and reliability.

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Our strengths are a dynamic and flexible production department, able to satisfy every request, a product warehouse with more than 700 items ready for delivery and a sales team able to help you in choosing the most suitable products for your needs.

Another distinctive feature of is the efficiency of the service: from the choice of the product on the catalog to the arrival of the goods, directly to the destination address, it remains only the time to decide the setting of the ordered items.

Our relationship with the customer is direct, without distributors or intermediaries, in order to better understand the customer's needs.

Since 1964 clothes rails and shop displays 100% Italian quality. If you want more information about our company and you want to see how we work, check out our page dedicated to the processing of our products.

For any information, contact our Customer Service at +39 331 9429148 via WhatsApp or SMS or our Customer Care on or send us an email to