Frequently asked questions

How can I choose the clothes rail that best suits my needs?

The first step is to choose the length of the top bar: we produce it from 60, 105, 120, 140 and 150cm, all extendable with lateral extensions of about 60cm. Our clothes rails can be: foldable or removable, adjustable in height or with fixed height and can use small or large wheels. Finally it is possible to choose between the polished chrome finish or the powder-coated one in different colors. To guarantee maximum strength and durability, all our production is made with quality controlled thickness steel and surface finishing phases are also strictly controlled.

How can I choose the hanger that best suits my needs?

The hangers are divided by type, use and material. First of all, you need to know what kind of garment they will be used for (heavy clothes, coats, shirts, T-shirts, skirts, trousers, underwear, shoes, flip-flops, scarves, etc.). It will then be necessary to know if they will be needed to hang clothes for men, women or children and finally it will be necessary to choose the material based on the furniture and taste of your shop or your showcase: high quality plastic, wood or metal hangers.

I would like to know if you also sell to private customers
Yes, our products are also directed to private customers thanks to their excellent value for money

Do you organize shipments abroad?

Of course, our site automatically calculates the cost of shipping based on the volume and weight of the goods for the major European destinations. If you don't find your destination, contact our Customer Service ( and we will give you a quick quote.

I would like to know how and when the goods will arrive.

Our products are distributed with the most important carriers who deliver the goods directly to the address specified in your order, delivery is normally made in two/three days from order confirmation.

For any other questions don't hesitate to contact our Customer Service by SMS or WhatsApp +39 331 9429148