High quality clothes rails and clothing display

Our clothes racks are designed to last over time because they have been made with quality and passion for more than 50 years.

To build them we use only high quality steel of adequate thickness. Our production cycles  are the perfect union between automation and craftsmanship with a particular focus on details and finishes.

An economic clothes stand, if subjected to the hard work of every day, has an average life of 6-12 months; our professional hangers last on average 5 times longer. High quality clothes rack, rigorously made in Italy.

Don't waste: buy better and use them longer!

We produce clothes racks and displays for shops and shop windows directly in our headquarters of over 3000 square meters in Costa Volpino in the province of Bergamo (Italy). 

Our experience allows us to create an excellent product to help you in your everyday work; the biggest fashion houses have chosen our clothes rails for their stores and warehouses. We make all our clothes racks by choosing high quality materials and following an accurate consolidated production process,  for the surface finishes we rely only on the best suppliers in the sector that we have selected over the years.

Our clothes racks are designed to be stable, robust but at the same time light and easy to handle, they open and close in a few seconds and can be adjusted according to every need. The attention to details of our products is our strengths: from accurate welds to beautiful and durable surface finishes.

We show you some phases of our production process:

Clothes rails: automated welding phase

Shelving: automatic punching in line

Clothes rails: automatic cutting and drilling phase

Clothes rails: manual welding of the upper bar

Our company still works some of its components in a traditional way to guarantee the quality of the final product. The welds you see in this video will then be cleaned and pickled before the chrome plating phase.

Here is our clothes rail Faster!

Designed for sales representatives and agents: convenient and fast to open, folded is in any type of car.

Best seller: our clothes rail Svelto Piccolo

Foldable to take up little space, adjustable in height to adapt to any situation, fully chrome-plated, stable, durable and compact.

Still our robot in action

We show you the automated welding phase of the extensible top bars of our clothes rails.

Special folding for clothes displays

Realization of special supports for caps.

Upper bars automatic welding

Again our robot in action in this video that shows the welding of the upper bars.